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How Do I Place An Order?

Placing orders is simple. Just click on the 'Add to Cart' button throughout your visit & when your ready to finish your transaction just visit the 'CART' in the top right hand corner of the page. From here just follow the online instructions.


Click & Collect Terms & Conditions

Click & Collect is available to local customers willing to travel to our collection point thus avoiding shipping fees.

To use the Click & Collect option simply enter the following coupons at the checkout


CLICK&COLLECT - This coupon is to be used for ACCESSORIES ONLY. For multiple items please use multiple coupons.


CLICK&COLLECTBOARD - This coupon is to be used for BODYBOARDS ONLY. For multiple boards please use multiple coupons.



If you use the Click & Collect option your item(s) will not be dispatched. Customers found abusing the coupon system to reduce the item(s) cost will have to settle the correct amount upon collection. 


Where do I collect my Click & Collect items from?

St. Merryn Village,



United Kingdom

PL28 8NQ

To arrange your collection call Jon on 07791 617 538

Alternatively, local delivery can be arranged by getting in contact with Jon on the number above

Payment & Shipping

All our payments are made securely through Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account there is an option to pay with your debit card through Paypal without registering. Shipping is Worldwide & will occur a delivery charge so we suggest that you try to bulk out your order with  small accessories to help cover the cost, for example - Wax, Fin Tethers, Fin Socks, Stickers. 

Returns & Refunds

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase upon arrival then do not worry. Simply pop it back in the post to us and once we have received it we will fully refund your money. All that we ask is that Bodyboards are kept in their packaging, are undamaged and are not plugged with a leash (or else refunds can not be made). For other items please return them in the condition that you received them. You can return your items to the folllowing address -

St. Merryn Village


United Kingdom

PL28 8NQ


Bodyboard Mechanics

Buying a bodyboard for the first time can be quite daunting so here is a run down on what it's all about - 


Size - The size is in inches (38',40',42.25'). For the right board size for you simply measure the distance from the bottom of your chin to the top of your kneecap. You can give or take an inch or two but this is the best way to size up a board. If you are heavy set (in excess of 16st) you may want to add an extra inch as well


Core - Core's come in multitudes of varieties. Some are stiff. Some are flexible. It really is down to personal preference, but here is some guide lines to what we stock.

PE - Flexible, works great in colder waters

PP - Stiffer, works great in warmer waters

3D - Layered core that is in the middle of PE and PP flexiblity

NRG - Extra reflex qualities, works great in colder waters

Kinetic - Extra reflex qualities, works great in warmer waters

Paradox - Extra memory for high impact riding allowing the board to return to its original shape under pressure

Freedom 6 - Paradox Core with extra density and respose, works great in warmer waters

Parabolic - PP Core throughout the central area of the board with PE running along the edges. Stiff and flexible together


Tail - You can pretty much count on finding only two varieties of tail on the market nowadays and here is what they do

Bat Tail - For prone riding (laying on your belly). A hybrid of a crescent and a round tail (now defunct). The extra surface area allows for more speed and easier to complete moves like spins. Great for beginners or 'prone-only's'

Crescent Tail - For versatile riding (prone and drop knee) This is the standard tail which is great for all types of riding


Mesh - A layer of nylon nesh in the core that adds extra strength and durability, prolonging your boards life


Stringers - Nylon or Carbon rods that run through the core of the board adding extra strength and durability, prolonging your boards life. Can come in a variety of single stringers (straight down the middle), double stringers (one in each half) or triple stringers (one down the middle and one in each half)


Channels - These are the grooves on the tail end of the slick (bottom) of the board. they guide the flow of water underneath your board and offer extra speed and control when riding barelling waves


Nose Bulbs -  Raised areas on the corners of the nose that guide proper hand placement and offer extra grip whilst riding 


Deck Contours - Grooves upon the deck (top) of the board that guide proper body placement and offer extra grip whilst riding


Deck - The softer top of the board that you lay on. Colours are personal preferences


Slick - The harder bottom of the board that connects with the water. Colours are personal preferences


Rails - The pointed edges that run along the edge of each side of the board. These allow you to turn. Colours are personal preferences


Hope this helps when purchasing a bodyboard



Thank you for shopping with The Pit Surf Shop / Bodyboarding Life Bodyboard Shop!
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