Core // Parallel Flex System (PFSIII)
Stringer // 1 x ISS (Interchangeable Stringer System) 
Rails // 55/45 Double Rails
Channels // QUADConcave Channels
Slick // Surlyn
Deck //  Wavecushion Air 8lb PE
Tail // Cresent
Additional Features // Player Signature Line Contour, MESH, CNC Shaped and Nose Bulbs.
Manufacturing Country // Indonesia

The NMD Ben Player Quad Concave is the pinnacle of high performance bodyboarding. Designed with Shape3d CAD software and precision cut using state of the art AkuShaper CNC technology.

2019 NMD Ben Player Kinectic PP PFS3 ISS Quad Concave

Slick Colour: Fluro Red
Rail Colour: Black
Deck Colour: Midnight Blue