This great redesign of the classic Morey 7X board from the late 80's, Early 90's. This awesome template was rated by many as their all time favourite. The new version features a PE core and all the extra features you would expect in a current pro board.

For every board sold, 5 US Dollers will be given to the friends of Tom Morey fundraising campaign.

For every 7X sold, US$5 will go to the main man who gave us so much.

PE Core
8lb PE Deck
Surlyn Slick
Crescent tail
Slick Mesh
Double rails
Thicker Tension Tech Construction
Crescent tail
Nose bulbs
Nose and tail bumpers
Graduated Channels,
Nose and tail bumpers,
Single EXT Stringers

2019 NMD Mez 7X PE