Core	PP
Stiffeners	1x Carbon Fibre Stringer
Mesh	Yes
Deck	8pcf NXL PE Deck Skin
Slick	Surlyn Slick Skin
Options	LTD Contour Deck
Level	Adcanced,Expert
Temperature	Cold,Temperate,Warm

A legendary board for a legendary aussie man, the Guru was designed to be as versatile as Lewy Finnegan; without compromise. The 1.9 PCF PP core combined with 1 carbon fibre stringer and a mesh layer at the bottom will give you powerful drive. The Guru is the only choice for riders who own podiums and stack serious footage.

2019 Pride Lewy Finnigan The Guru PP ISS

Deck Colour: Dark Blue
Slick Colour: Fluro Red
Rail Colour: Black