Name The Science Launch Tech Crescent 42" bodyboard
Leash No
Core PE
Deck CellCushion 8lb PE
Slick HDPE
Rails 55/45
Tail shape Crescent Tail
Channels Slotted Channels
Stringer Yes x 2
Colour Black

Warp speed on tap with the Science Launch Tech Crescent 42" bodyboard. The fastest in the Science line-up, designed with a straighter rail line to promote speed, with a very simple aim, to launch you as high as humanly possible and race through hollow barrelling waves. Set your eyes on a section down the line and the Launch Tech Crescent will boost you skyward with more speed than you've experienced before.

"For over 40 years I have committed my life to bodyboarding. From my discoveries along the way, I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge, which is the foundation on which all Science bodyboards are built. Behind every board is a passionate team of bodyboarders focused on the harmony of art and science with the simple goal of making the best bodyboards in the world." Mike Stewart.

The Science Launch Tech Crescent is constructed with a CellCushion 8lb PE deck, HDPE Slick, Crescent Tail and 55/45 rails. Key features include a Polyethylene Core with twin stringers for stiffness, slotted channels, Nose Bulbs and screen printed deck and slick logos.

2019 Science Launch Tech Crescent Tail PE

Deck Colour: Blue
Rail Colour: Black
Slick Colour: Orange