Houston Arrow PE

The Houston Arrow PE aims to be the ultimate entry-level bodyboard for anyone ready to have some fun in the surf. Similar to our high-end models, this board has  double EXT stringers (High-strength, epoxy fiber tubes for increased stiffness and board life), and a line contour deck for enhanced durability and rider comfort. The crescent tail is a great tail design for executing strong bottom turns, carves and staying in control.


PE Core
Wavedeck Crosslink
Line Contour Deck
One EXT Stringer
Slick Bulbs
HDPE Slick
Graduated Channels
Crescent Tail
Dimensions: Length x Nose x Width (Nose-to-Wide Point) x Tail x Thickness

37" x 10.25" x 18.5" (@16") x 15.625" x 52mm
40" x 11.125" x 20" (@17.25") x 17" x 54mm
41.5" x 11.625" x 20.75" (@18") x 17.625" x 54mm
42.5" x 11.875" x 21.25" (@18.375") x 18.125" x  55mm
43.5" x 12.25" x 21.75" (@18.875") x 18.5" x 57mm

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