Product Description

Thickness - 5/3mm
Seams - Triple glud seams with internal E5 Tape
Neoprene - E5 Ultra Stretch
Liner -	E5 Flash Lining and ThermoFlex lining
Entry System - Chest Zip
External Key Pocket with Magnet Closure
Front Mesh Single Lined Panel
Aquaband Welded Wrist and Ankle Seals
Warranty - Seams: 3 Years/ Materials 1 Year

Suit Description
This wetsuit is 30-40% warmer than last season's dawnpatrol. This leap in progression is because of the addition of the E5 flash dry lining from top of the chest to the chest to the bottom of the knees on the front, and the kidney area of the back. This keeps the heated blood pumping around your body. The triple glued seams with the E5 tape is the only wetsuit at this price point that provides these high-quality features. The entirely new design of the exterior in the Dawn Patrol Warmth for the 2019/2020 season.

Expert Advice
The Dawn Patrol Warmth is a real step up for Ripcurl in the middle-range wetsuits. For the value of what you are getting there really isn't many other places worth looking. The flash dry lining is incredible (if you don't already know) and about 65% of the interior is covered in it. On top of this, the E5 neoprene is extremely flexible. Overall, if your looking for a wetsuit with great features that won't cost an arm and a leg then look no further.

2020 Rip Curl 5/3 Dawn Patrol Warmth Chest Zip Steamer