The Bearded Lady is Nick Gornall’s choice of board from the Stealth range. The board was designed in conjunction with Nick to promote his technical pocket surfing and aerial ability. In return, we thought it was only fitting that we named the board and developed the boards logo based on one of Nick’s favourite tattoos, the Bearded Lady.

The Bearded Lady NRG has the Reflex Construction. This is a 3 stringer system combined with deck and slick link mesh. The middle stringer is full length, while the two side stringers are only 400mm. This creates an extremely responsive board through the front end, while the mid section remains rigid. As the NRG core is best suited to cooler waters, or for those who like a bit more flex in their board, this is Nick’s choice of board for his South Coast winter stints, and would be ideal for similar environments.

2020 Stealth Bearded Lady Nick Gornall NRG+

Deck Colour: Black
Slick Colour: Black
Rail Colour: White