4/3mm Long Sleeve Full Suit

Suit up in our 4/3mm Air Hubb Wetsuit, available in Navy Blue. We carefully designed this wetsuit specifically for high-performance bodyboarding. The chest, back and leg areas of the wetsuit utilize 4mm thick Limestone neoprene for core warmth, comfort and added cushion for landing big airs. While the arms, and knee pad areas of the wetsuit use 3mm thick Limestone neoprene for better range of motion, flexibility, and minimal physical exertion while paddling and kicking. 

Eco-Conscious- our super stretch wetsuits are made of the highest quality non-petroleum based Limestone neoprene available.  They are all glued and blind stitched using only solvent-free/aqua-based lamination glue.

Attention to comfort & detail -The neck opening is fuse cut and lined with comfy "smoothie" lining. Wrist and ankle openings are also fuse cut with traction grip inner lining. The Inner tape through out the whole suit keeps you warmer longer in the cold water. Easy entry chest-zip is excellent for getting in and out of your wetsuit with ease.


  • 4/3mm Super Fine Stretch (Non-Petroleum) LIMESTONE based Neoprene
  • Easy Entry Chest-Zip Entry with Dual-Cinch Elastic Fasteners
  • Key-Loop
  • Glued & Blind Stitched with Inner-Taped Seams
  • Fuse-Cut Neck, Wrist and Ankle Openings
  • Smoothie-Lined Neck
  • Traction Grip Wrist and Ankle Inner Lining
  • Temperature Gradient Gauge: 48F- 65F or 9C - 18C

2021 Hubboards Air Hubb 4/3 Chest-Zip Limestone Steamer

Colourway: Navy