Houston NRG+

The Houston NRG+ is an outstanding high-performance polypro bodyboard that is equipped with Jared Houston's signature line contour deck, single stringer, mesh, slick bulbs, surlyn slick, and parallel channels (designed for enhanced drive and handling). This is one of the top board models available, especially for riders in search of a bodyboard that checks all the boxes for speed, control and responsiveness.


NRG* Core

8lb PE Deck

Line Contour Deck

Single stringer

Slick Bulbs

Surlyn Slick


Parallel Channels

Crescent Tail

Dimensions: Length x Nose x Width (Nose-to-Wide Point) x Tail x Thickness

40" x 11.125" x 20" (@17.25") x 17" x 52mm

41" x 11.5" x 20.5" (@17.75") x 17.375" x 52mm

42" x 11.75" x 21" (@18.125") x 17.875" x 53mm

43" x 12.125" x 21.5" (@18.625") x 18.375" x 55mm

45" x 12.625" x 22.5" (@19.5") x 19.125" x 58mm

2021 Hubboards Jared Houston NRG+(Various Sizes)

Colourway: Black/Grey
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