The Winchester Torque is the most elite of the mid range models, . It has a Sealed Air 2.4ln PCF Ethafoam PE Core thermo fused between a premium grade  wave slick HD Bottom Skin & NXL Decking with an easy flex. Iit has the same shape as the high end model biut at an affordable price. Built for those after a bit more flex & give in a board

Dave Winchester has brought his style, versatilty & all round talent to VS. Winny has created this model for those that love his riding & template at a decent price. Dave has a legion of fans through his explosive & elegant wave riding.

CORE: 2.4lbs Extruded PE Core,
PE Core is the original Bodyboard Core, offering flex & resilience. Best suited for colder waters of those wanting a bit more flex
STRINGER: 2 x EXT Stringer
DECK: 8lb NXLPE Deck
SLICK: HDPE with Mesh
TAIL: Crescent Tail
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Winny Thumb Contours, Graduated Channels, React Mesh,  XFL Nose and Tail Bumper, Bull Slick Grips, 55/45 Double Rails, CNC Shaped, Buzz Tech Lamination, Hand Finished

VS Dave Winchester Torque PE (Various Sizes and Colourways)

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