FCS II Filipe Toledo FT Thruster Surfboard Fin Set Large (3 fin set)
Large (75Kg - 90Kg).
FCS II Keyless Plug system fins - will not fit the FCS original 2 tab plugs.

The FCS FT is Filipe Toledo's new 2018 pro fin set and was created to his spec to deliver a fin set that delivers the manoeuvrability and quick response of the Performer, with the hold and drive of a more raked fin like the MF and Carver. FCS also added a few extra specifics like a subtle bevel on the leading, which improves turning at higher speeds.

By amalgamating two of FCS's most popular templates and using a new ultra-light 3d foam core, FCS have created the lightest fin in their range. One that delivers exceptional drive and control off the bottom without hampering speed off the top and release through the lip that’s so synonymous with Filipe’s fast, aerial style of surfing.

Just look at how Filipe surfs to understand the full capabilities of this fin. In particular, take note of how hard he drives off the bottom, and the amount of power he expels on his longer arc turns. This fin can be pushed hard without feeling like it will skip out. Furthermore, it doesn’t have too much sweep (rake) that it feels sticky. It still breaks quickly out of a turn, and will release easily out of the lip. Its super light too, which maintains the neutral weight of your board, so at no point will you feel like the tail of your board is heavy or creating drag.

Base: 4.52” / 115mm
Depth: 4.66” / 118mm
Area: 15.70”² / 10130mm²
Sweep: 35.2º

Performance Core (PC) with a new ultra-light 3D Core that mimics the external foil and geometry of the fin. This high density pressed foam core is inherently stiff, and fills the space where heavier fibreglass and resin usually reside inside the fin. This increases the effectiveness of the glass we actually use in the skin, while adding strength and reducing weight, making this the
lightest fin in the FCS range, and the first of its kind on the market.

FCS II Athlete Series Filipe FT Toledo Thruster PC