FCS II Fin Set
Thruster set (3 fins)
Optimum Weight Range: Large fin - Approximate rider weight 75-90 Kg
Base: 4.61" / 117mm
Depth: 4.65" / 118mm
Area: 15.81" / 10200mm
Sweep: 36.1
Foil: Flat
Construction: Performance Core - designed to replicate the feeling of a traditional glassed-on or fibreglass fin with the bonus of a greatly reduced weight.
Rider Ability: Intermediate-Advanced
Ideal Conditions: All wave types
Ideal Board: Works well on performance shortboards with moderate-to- high rocker

Developed with world renowned shaper Jason Stevenson (JS Industries), this fin a super long base length to deliver the drive and speed off the bottom of the wave. The high sweep angle means that the rider can push hard on turns and the narrow tip offsets the sweep making it easier to disengage the turn and still make controlled directional changes.

FCS II Shaper Series Jason JS Stevenson Thruster PC