The FCS PCC-5 is where it all began for most of us. A classic performance shape wedded to the best construction techniques. This fin is lightweight performance fin with responsive tip flex and hydrodynamic foil on the side fins. This versatile template offers a balance of speed, drive and manoeuvrability.


A wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks.

Performance Core Carbon: Dynamic RTM construction with strategically placed carbon compliments the template and sweep angle of the fin, and produce a bespoke flex pattern with remarkable memory properties. In the water this translates to immediate response when loading up the fins and driving through turns. PCC fins suit fast surfing and are favoured by power surfers who like to perform explosive turns on critical parts of the wave.

MEDIUM (65 – 80Kg / 145 – 175 Lbs)


Base: 4.37″ 111.0mm
Depth: 4.55″ 115.0mm
Area: 14.76″² 9525mm²
Sweep: 33.0°
Foil: IFT – A sophisticated hydrodynamic foil consisting of a convex outside face, a rounded leading edge and a concaved inside face. Inside foil increases the efficiency of water flow over the surface of the fin adding lift and reducing drag. The result is a fin with more options through increased hold and speed.

FCS PCC-5 Thruster Performance Carbon Core