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From the undisputed king of bodyboarding comes the Gyroll Variable Bicep bodyboard leash. Mike Stewart obviously spent a lot of time thinking about how to design a great leash when he came up with this product. 

The Mike Stewart Gyroll Bicep Bodyboard Leash is the original and still the most compact, functional arm leash on the market. The pioneering Gyroll leash strap design is a streamline combination of comfort strength and function. The unique compact spiral design keeps the Gyroll totally out of the way while riding and paddling. Constructed from the finest parts and materials, the Gyroll cord is made of a solid one-piece material with no plastic joints or seams to break. No other leash on the market offers the same level of comfort quality, design, construction, durability and functionality. Ideal for all your bodyboarding adventure - no matter the conditions!

The Variable Gyroll Bicep Leash offers a two buckle neoprene cuff that allows the rider to cinch the cuff for a tighter more secure fit. In addition, by eliminating one of the buckles it expands the circumference allowing for larger biceps or wetsuit sleeves

* Cuff Fits: 9 - 15"

* Double Buckle System

* Thicker Grade Urethane Cord

* The unique compact spiral chord is never in your way

* One piece fusion molded glues seams or joints

* Dual split ring for strength with ergonomic bow tie webbing

* Constructed from the most durable and reliable materials

* Specifically engineered for ultimate strength and elasticity

* Marine grade swivels, doubled at both cuff and plug ends

* Comes with a fully threaded three cover plug

Mike Stewart Gyroll Variable Bicep Leash (Turquoise)

Colourway: Turquoise
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