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The PE core is for the rider entering the intermediate market, this acronym refers to Polyethylene. Originally the number one choice for bodyboarders worldwide the PE Polyethylene core in its prime offered minimum flex with its high-density core. Although in the current climate PE Polyethylene is referred to more often for the intermediate level bodyboarder, for the cold water bodyboarder or the bodyboarder looking for a bit more flex in their ride. The PE Polyethylene core is an excellent option for the intermediate bodyboarder as for its thicker core which offers more speed and durability than the entry level bodyboard. As well as being available in pro rider templates, the PE Polyethylene cores will often also incorporate features like stringers, mesh, nose bulbs and contours. These additional features will improve the performance of the ride and push the rider to a higher level. It is worth noting however where the EPS and PP cores ARE waterproof the PE Polyethylene cores are not, so be careful not to slide your gut across rocks or leave your board where it might get damaged.

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