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NRG Core

Purpose built for cold water climates. The NRG core bodyboard was built to duplicate performance characteristics found in foams like Polyethylene and Dow. Meeting these characteristics without sacrificing durability and weight of bodyboard was done by using a low-density PP foam. This allowed the bodyboards a good amount of recoil, rebound memory and responsiveness without lowering the quality of the foam. Bear in mind these boards are waterproof same as a PP core would be, so they by all means have the upper hand when compared to PE and D12 cores. Purpose built for colder climates means the bodyboard should stiffen up a good amount in cold waters. This is opposed to using a PP core or thicker density cores in cold water and them becoming totally rigid and hard to control. The NRG bodyboard will offer a good amount of flex even in the coldest of climates.

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