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PP Core

All the rage and with reason. The PP Polypropylene core is foam which is lightweight and fusion formed to deliver enhanced rigidity, compression strength, recoil and durability. The PP core is used by 99% of riders surfing to progress their riding via spins, rolls, backflips, inverts and the rest of it. Totally waterproof and totally durable, the PP Polypropylene core outlasts any and every other foam on the bodyboarding market. This high-density core creates a rigid ride and maximises the users speed down the line in all conditions. Shaped using purpose built CNC machines, most PP Polypropylene cores are produced down to the millimetre of specification. No imperfections in the final result allows the brands to refine and develop shapes in each and every season of boards. This constant refinement leads PP Polypropylene core bodyboards to not only feel and perform the best, but also last the best. Even when faced with the harshest of conditions and environments. These are your top end bodyboards and will outlast any other foam on the market. Brands will use different terms to make you think their PP Polypropylene bodyboards have an edge over their competitors. Don't fret over names like Kinetic PP and Premium PP, they all mean the same thing.

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