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Drawing your own line, expressing your creativity on a wave is what the MS Flow model was designed for. Here is what the man himself has to say:

"When I was designing this board I wanted to bring some old school Flow back into the range, with this template combined with modern materials you will love the seamless transitions from rail to rail " ~MS~


Core: 1.5PP Kinetic Polypro Core (PP)

Deck:Wavecushion Air 8lb PE Deck

Stringer: 1x Stringer

Slick: Surlyn Slick Skin

Channels: MS Vent

Tail: Crescent

Additional Features:

55/45 Double Rail

Nose Bulbs

Slick Mesh

Thumb Bar

Thumb Ridge

Nose Bulbs

Tail Piece

2024 Science Mike Stewart Flow Crescent 1.5 Kinetic

Colourway: Yellow/Orange
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