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Dave Winchester is famous for his powerful & explosive Style. He has refined his template over the years to advance his style of surfing. The Winchester template is VS' most versatile curve as it has a slightly wider wide point  which enable the rider to sit higher to gain more speed for big airs'& deep tubes. Dave Winchester has brought his style, versatilty & all round talent to VS. Winny has created this model for the those after a version of his template in Polypro core at an affordable price. Dave has a legion of fans through his explosive & elegant wave riding. This model is a great choice if you dream of riding like Winny one day.

K19 Core 1.9lb Kinectic PP

Lightweight fusion foam compressed at 1.9lb offering instant recoil, enhanced stiffness and compression strength. This foam is 100% waterproof and ideal in mild to warm


Core - Kinectic 1.9lb PP

Slick - Surlyn

Deck - NXL

Channels - Slotted

Tail - Crescent with Tail Piece

Contours - No

Stringer - 1

Mesh - No

Nose Bulbs - Yes

2024 Versus VS Dave Winchester Tail Piece Crescent K19 Black/Pink

Colourway: Black/Pink
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