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Want to wear your fins without fin socks but concerned about getting your ankles carved up with Fin rub? Not a problem, check out these Thrash Heel pads with added Fin Savers - the benefits are huge! Wear them instead of socks and your feet will feel a new found freedom from unwanted buoyancy, cramps and unnecessary drag. What's not to love?

Soft neoprene cuff protecting from rubs and abrasions

Added Velcro fin saver attachment

Similar to the Gyroll heel shields but different :)

Strong and adjustable top-grade fasteners

Designed and made in the EU

These awesome heel pad / fin savers feel light when you wear them without adding buoyancy unlike wetty socks.

This means your legs won't float as much and your kicks become easier and more powerful.

It also means you'll tire less allowing you to surf for longer. If your fin feels a little loose this could be the answer.

Your digits are given the freedom to breathe which reduces the chance of cramping while the high-quality Velcro keeps them snuggly attached to your fin.

So-much-so, they can live there permanently if you want them to.

Thrash Heel Pad Fin Saver Combo

Colourway: Pink
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